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    Thanks for letting me know. I have seen that before, but it is rare so it wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. I guess I should have asked if the image opened. My troubleshooting was assuming the image was actually opened during the batch before it locked up.  If I had been watching the batch myself and seen that the image wasn’t opened then a corrupted file would have been the first thing that I though of 🙂

    Also, just FYI….

    For a corrupted image file it is typically the file headers. If it is the only copy of the image you have then you can usually recover it in GIMP.  For some reason, the GIMP editor will usually open files with corrupted headers even though Photoshop won’t open the files. Then after opening in GIMP, you can then resave a new copy of then file and it will then save with new headers and then new file can be opened in Photoshop.