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    Just an update. I was incorrect in my prior reply…..

    The Copy as Javascript option is still there in CC 2023.  You ceed to go into the preferences, under the Plugins section, and check on Enable Developer Mode.  Then restart Photoshop as this won’t take effect until after the restart.

    Then you can right click on a Photoshop action and select Copy as Javascript and it will make you a runnable javascript from the action copied to the clipboard that you can paste in a code editor. It will be UXP/.PSJS format, not JSX format.  Also, it will use JSON descriptors, not DOM.  If you want to script in UXP then you really need to learn how the JSON descriptors work because you won’t get very far with DOM scripting.  Plus the DOM keeps changing. The only 2 places I used DOM early on in UXP cause me majors headaches having to redo it when the DOM changed in CC 2022. So I avoid the UXP DOM like the plague now.

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