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    The Photoshop extendscript API has been deprecated by Adobe. What that means is while CC 2023 will still run JSX scripts, Adobe isn’t maintaining the scripting engine and any bugs in the scripting engine likely won’t be fixed.  I have already know of some bugs in the scripting engine that cause things in EZ Green Screen 6 not to work properly in CC 2022 or CC 2023.  Therefore, there may be things that don’t work properly in Face Crop version 2 in CC 2023 as well…… I don’t know because I haven’t even tested it.  If so, those issues would not be fixed.

    Also, Adobe is eventually removing support to run JS, JSX, and JSXBIN scripts.  They are being replaced by PSJS scripts which are a different programming language. So maybe in CC 2024 or CC 2025, support to run those scripts will disappear from PS and then face Crop 2 would not even run at all in that version. Adobe has not given a definite timeframe for when they are yanking extendscript…. but it will get yanked eventually.

    Regarding why it won’t activate, that is because I ran out of license keys for the old version and had to make new keys which are only attached to the new version.  However, I made the witch before all of the old keys were used up. So I should have a few open keys left.  I will switch you license to one of the older ones later today. That would run with both the old and new versions of Face Crop.  I’ll send you that key later today in your email.

    Regarding running it in CCC 2023, you are OK to do that….. but if it has any issues, just know that I’m not going to be troubleshooting or fixing any issues with it.