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    I recommend installing CC 2023 and SPA 9. That will most likely fix the issue for you.

    I really don’t know what is causing that. However, version 7 is discontinued and I am no longer troubleshooting issues with the old versions. I don’t even have an older Photoshop version on my test machines to run version 7 so I can’t even run any tests.  And if there is a bug in SPA 7, it wouldn’t be fixed anyway since that version is now discontinued.

    Is there any reason why yo can’t install version 9? It is a much better version. It runs faster , uses less memory, and is the current version that I am supporting.

    Just FYI, you can install the new Photoshop version and still keep your older Photoshop version in case you need them. When installing the Photoshop update, make sure to uncheck the option to “Remove Old Versions”  Then you will have both CC 2023 and your older versions.