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    So just to Clarify, when it was set to device it failed for some images. Now when it is set to cloud it fails for all images. Is that correct?

    IT could be a few things. There could be a corrupt prefs file in Photoshop. It also could be a GPU compatibility issue in Photoshop.

    Here is what I need you to do.

    1. Reset the Photoshop preference. Under the preferences in the General section, select Reset Preferences on Quit. Then restart Photoshop.

    2. After restarting Photoshop, make sure the Select Subject mode is set to device. This is what it really should be for Face Crop.

    3. In the preferences, under the performance section, make sure the checkbox “Use Graphics Processor” is on.

    4. In Photoshop, go to Help > GPU compatibility.  Does it say that your GPU is compatibile and the driver is recent?  If not then update the GPU graphics driver.

    Now try running the batch again and let me know the results.

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