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    No, not with EZ Green Screen 7. Nothing from the new Plugins menu can be recorded into an action. This is not a Pixnub restriction. It applies to anything in the Plugins menu from any developer. So, since EZ green screen 7 can’t be recorded into an action, there is no way to run it through Hot Folder. Adobe said allowing the plugins to be made action recordable form the Plugins menu is on their back log, but no ETA of when it may be available. Even after Adobe makes it available, I would then need to update EZGS 7 and I don’t know how involved that would be until the syste,m has been create from Adobe.

    I’ve been asking Adobe about this for 2 years and it doesn’t seem like it is high on their priority list.

    EZ Green Screen 6 can be recorded into an action. So if you need to do that, just keep a copy os PS CC 2022 on your computer and use EZGS 6 for that purpose.