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    And also, just some history about the sub-folders……

    The older SPA version 2 used to have the sub-folder save option. I got rid of it in version 3 and up when I converted to the new plugins menu. The reason was because the first release of the new Plugins menu API could not do it. Adobe now requires a file token to be created to save files from a plugin. The plugins API only allow a token to be created properly from the exact folder that the user select when they select the save folder. I could get the sub-folders to work if the sub-folders did not already exist. However, if the user ran a second time and the sub-folders already existed, Photoshop would not allow the plugin to create the security token needed to save the file. The Photoshop would block the plugin from saving it.

    I reported this to Adobe 2 years ago while making version 3. They said it was a bug and it was suppose to be able to work properly with sub-folders. I don’t know if they ever fixed it.

    Adobe went way overboard with file and folder security in the new Plugins menu API and it made things really difficult just for opening and saving files. So while your suggestion seems “easy” form the user’s perspective, there is a lot more to it than it appears from an outsider’s perspective.

    So while I agree that this is a good idea (and Face Crop had that option for year’s), it’s just not that simple because of the new Plugins menu that Adobe is still tweaking how everything works with it.