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    I may add in the subfolder option for presets down the road, but no promise of when… and for sure not in the very near future. I just got done spending 2 years having to completely rebuilt all Pixnub plugins from scratch which took thousands of hours. I had to do this because Adobe switched to the new Plugins menu API which is a different programming language and I had to rebuild everything from square 1. So now that I have finished that, I don’t plan to do any programming at all for at least 4-6 months. I’m burned out with it and just can’t get myself to do any more right now.

    After 10 year of development and having to spend the last 2 years rebuilding all of them, I’m pretty much just in maintenance mode now. I’m maintaining the plugins for bug fixes and PS compatibility and plan to just do that without any new major development.

    So I can tentatively put this on my long term to do list… maybe. However, as of right now, I can’t get myself to even open a code editor, unless there is a bug that needs fixed.

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