Pixnub Home Page Forums Face Crop Is it possible to to include Face Crop (plugin) in a Photoshop action? Reply To: Is it possible to to include Face Crop (plugin) in a Photoshop action?


    two things here….

    1. SPA already does face detection for some of the modes (1,2,3,5,6). So you really shouldn’t ever need to run Face Crop before SPA. Running Face Crop before SPA would just be a redundant face alignment operation. Watch all of the alignment mode videos and almost certainly one of the modes will work for what you want.

    2. Face Crop can’t be recorded into an action due to the Plugins menu in Photoshop not being recordable in actions. Starting in CC 2021 with the new Plugins menu, Photoshop won’t record anything at all into and action from the new Plugins menu. The old Face Crop was action recordable but that version is obsolete because Adobe is killing the Filter menu API that it was using.

    The plugins menu action recording restriction is not just for Pixnub, that is for any plugin from any vendor using the new Plugins menu API. I’ve been asking Adobe about this for 2 years now from Adobe. They said it is on their back log of features and no ETA on it (but eventually they will add in the ability… supposedly… we’ll see). Even when (or if) they add in the ability, I would need to reprogram SPA to use the ability. So this won’t happen nay time soon.