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    If you already know how to use SPA then it is really simple.

    SPA can do it but not with a PDF. You would need to convert the PDF file to a PSD file. Then you would set up the text layers the same way you do with sports PSD templates. You must use the proper CSV headers and text layer names that match the SPA text layer naming convention. So you may need to change the CSV headers.

    Are you putting a picture of the kids on the stickers? If so, then just add the photoshop with player mode 9 or 10.

    If you are NOT putting the image on the sticker then you need to “trick” SPA. In that case just add player mode 7 because it runs the fasted. Then hide the layer group by turning off the eyeball checkbox on the group folder for the player setup. Then it will add an image but not be visible. In the CSV for the first “SPA” column, you couuld use any image. It doesn’t matter. It can be an image of a cat or something. It won’t be visible anyway. You can also put the same image in all of the rows too. So you would just need to use the same image name for all cells in the SPA column.