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    The issue is that it is doing composites. Photoshop does not actually lose any meta data ever. For example, if you batch images through Face Crop or EZ Green Screen they will still have all of the original metadata.

    However, in SPA the player image is being put into the template file. So the resulting file is not the player file itself. The composited image is a copy of the template file, not a copy of the player file. Therefore, the metadata (to start with) is from the template file, not the cutout file.

    With SPA, I programmed it to do a copy/past of all metadata from the cutout and paste it into the template before it saves for each image. This works correctly for all of the metadata that you can see in Photoshop when going to File>File info. However, the hidden fields such as the user comment only work to copy/paste on the first image. I don’t know why that is but there is nothing I can do about it.

    A work-around that Kelly Bergman just came up with is to use EXIF TOOL to first copy all of the meta data from the user comments into the copyright field. SPA is able to work correctly for the copyright field. Then I guess you can map Got Photo to use the copyright field when importing. Not sure, but I wonder if you can have the Got Photo scanner add this data to the copyright field from the start????

    Here is a facebook post form 3 days ago about this with Kelly Bergman. I really wish he would have posted in this forum, instead. For any more replies where you need my help on it, please post back here in the forum. I’m not responding to facebook tech support anymore and I need to get these topics into the forum because they just get lost in facebook within a couple of weeks.