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    Stitching multiple team builds together usually doesn’t look very well.

    1. If you do that then make sure to change the perspective scaling to zero. If you don’t do than and stack one on top of the other then the top row of the bottom group will be much small than the next ro up. Also, even if stitching side by side, the perspective scaling won’t look right if not set to zero. Setting it to zero turns it off so all images are scaled the same.

    2. Each group may be scaled a little bit different from the next group, especially if the max row count is different. So you may need to rescale each group to match the other groups.

    You are far better off building the group all at once. It can do a maximum of 12 rows at 100 per row. So 1,200 is the max. If you group is smaller than that I highly recommend doing it in one build.