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    @Dale Schappert

    In the Photoshop preferences, under the performance section, is the “Use Graphics Processor” checkbox on?  If not, then check it on and try again.

    If it is already on……..

    In Photoshop go to Help > GPU compatibility.  What does it show?

    Even if it says your driver is “OK” if it is less than 6 months old, that doesn’t mean you have the latest driver. So please make sure the GPU driver is up to date with the latest driver from the manufacturer.

    Another thing I want to test is to see if Photoshop liquify can see a face. Open an image with a clearly visible face. Go to Filter>Liquify in the Photoshop menu. On the Face Aware Liquify settigns, does it show “Face 1” in the drop down? If so, try adjusting the face morphs like smiles, eye size, ect. Does that make visible changes to the image. If the Face Aware Liquify isn’t working then you have GPU issues.