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    It’s not a bug and it is working exactly as I want it to work.

    Workflow helper is not specific to any workflow. It doesn’t do any layer selection or mask selection.

    You are looking at this through the narrow minded view of the specific job you are doing yourself and not looking at it from the perspective of what everyone else may be using it for….

    Just because you want it selected on the mask for what you are using it for doesn’t mean that every user wants it to be selected on the mask. Also, not everyone will even have a layer mask, or the same layers in their images for that matter. Many people are not even using it for cutout image, or youth sports. Some people may use it for editing photos of birds 🙂

    So with this in mind, it makes no sense to program it to select specific layers or masks.

    If you want to do this then use the Hot Folder Plugin instead. Record an action to select the mask you want. Then select that as the pre Action for Hot Folder. Then it will do exactly what you want.

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