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    Yes, it has to be on. Face detection is done through the Graphics processor. Turn it back on. Then check Liquify again Does it have Face 1 in the drop down after turning it on? If so, then try the batch again. We haven’t tried the batch with after resetting the preferences yet with it checked on.

    However, if you don’t see Face 1 in Liquify after turning it on then don’t bother with the batch because it won’t work. If you have “Use Graphics Processor” checked on but it doesn’t see Face 1 in Liquify then you have a compatibility issue with your GPU or something corrupted in your Photoshop installation. In that case, you would need to contact Adobe. However, don’t tell then your are trying to get SPA to work because they will use that as an excuse to send you back to me. Instead, tell them you need to get Face Aware Liquify to work. That way they have to own the problem. If they fix Face Aware Liquify then SPA will work too.

    Hopefully it works after checking the preference on. Let me know

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