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    Watch the C drive available space when batching to see if it gets too small. Photoshop is terrible about using hundreds of GB of free space. I recommend not using the C drive for scratch disk because if the available space gets too low the the OS and Photoshop can’t operate correctly and will freeze. I recommend a cheap 1TB external SSD that is dedicated to be a PS scratch disk and nothing else. I use a cheap $79 SSD I got from Wal Mart and have never had any issues.

    Anyway. ley me know how the testing goes.

    To clarify about resuming the aborted batch. When the job aborts half finished, do you get the option to resume it when starting? It should give you the option to resume or start over.  However, if you just click through it too quickly without reading the messages then you may have missed the option.  I’ve seen a lot of people get click happy and not realize they are even giving the option to resume from where it left off. They just keep clicking as fast as they can until things start processing. Anyway, watch for that option and let me know.  If the batch status txt file is there then it should prompt with the option.

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