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    That was version 1 and 2 that did that with the single row build. Versions 3 and 4 don’t have that option.  I had to remake the all plugins from scratch in the new plugins API (new plugins menu). I decided to not remake the special single row alignment options.

    Almost nobody used those option because they were too confusing with all of the settings that needed built into the layers. Plus, it was a ton of extra work to remake all of those alignment into the new version. Since almost nobody used it, I opted to not spend the time to remake it.

    If you want, I can look for a copy of version 2 to send you tomorrow. However, it won’t install in CC 2022.  I think it will install in CC 2021 but hasn’t been tested in the latest releases of 2021.  I thin there were some issue so you would maybe have to run nit in CC 2020.

    I don’t have the webpage that explains the settings anymore. When I rebuilt the website 2 years ago, that page was dropped because the program was obsolete.  I may still have the sample PSDs floating around. However, you would be flying blind without tutorials or documentation and would need to reinstall the old Photoshop version.

    If you want the downloads then let me know and I will look for them tomorrow.

    However, I honestly think you would be better off just building the dingle row in EZ Team Builder 4 with it straight aligned and then just clicking and dragging each layer to make a V.  I think trying to run the old plugins without documentation would probably be very frustrating.