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    I know some of Don’s templates in the past have been set Adobe RGB 1998 which is why I asked.

    Templates should always be set to sRGB…. It should NEVER be set to “display”.  Anything that is not sRGB should be converted to sRGB.

    You need to ensure that the images and templates match and both are set to sRGB. Also make sure your working profile in Photoshop is set to sRGB,

    That is the industry standard and most labs require sRGB…. or they convert to sRGB before printing. Using anything other than sRGB for the players images or the template is a mistake and just asking for issues.

    When converting the template, go to File>Convert to Profile and set it to sRGB. Never use assign profile as that will cause a color shift.

    In any case, this is not an issue with Image Extract.  If you have concern about the profiles the templates were set to when you purchased then you should really ask Don about it and why is isn’t set to sRGB.