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Vicki Berloffe

    Oh, I’m sorry. I uploaded on my phone and didn’t realize the text did not come through.

    I need some help with file formats, color space, etc. With the exception of the one, these images were all shot in raw, imported and color adjusted in Lightroom, and then exported as jpegs with a color space of sRGB. They were then batch extracted in PS using Pixnub’s Image Extract and saved as a TIF. I then loaded them into a stack using scripts and dropped them into one of Don Ward ‘s templates. As you can see, they are all very flat and dull looking and the blacks are washed out. The exception is the one with the yellow arrow. For that one I sent it from LR to PS using the “Edit In PS” option. I manually extracted it using Image Extract and saved it. I added it into the template by using the Place Embedded option. It opened in RAW and I made no adjustments. As you can see, the color is more vibrant and crisp. Where am I going wrong in my workflow that is causing a mismatched color profile?