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    You need to do any processing with only 1 Hot Folder, not 2 folders. You can have the Hot Folder plugin run an entire action set so it can run actions back to back. then just put all of the processing into the sequence.

    However, raw images will not open in ACR when Hot Folder opens the image.  There is no way in the new plugins platform to do that. They will open in Photoshop directly.  So it would probably be best to shoot jpg and set the in camera adjustments to do the auto processing for sharpness clarity, ect.

    Also, EZ green Screen 7 can’t be recorded into an action, as I already mentioned. So you’d need to use EZ Green Screen 6.

    I realize the limitations may not be ideal. However, it just is what it is.  The limitations come from the Photoshop plugins API itself so there is nothing I can do to make the plugins process differently.