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    Jay DiMasso,

    In the future, please start a new post for a new topic instead of replying to an unrelated topic with a different issue. that way, the original person posting doesn’t get emails with my reply to you and think my reply is for them. It makes it easier that way.

    No, SPA can’t save as PSB.  It can run PSB templates and save as a flattened JPG. However, you can’t save as PSB.

    zIf you need to save with layers then you have to save as PSD. You can probably consolidate layers in the template or remove unneeded layer to get the file size down.  Also, if the template is 16 bit the try converting to 8 bit as well.  However you do it, you just need to get it down under 2GB for saving.  Even with 2GB, saving in batch will take up a huge amount of space if you are saving every image with that size however.