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    I think you would need to shoot jpeg, not raw.  Raw files will not automatically have any in camera settings applied.

    In order to shoot tethered, you would need 2 parts to the software.

    1. You would need something to get the images from the camera to a folder on the computer.   Pixnub does not handling any file transfers from the camera too the computer.  There are a few different options for that…. Captrue 1 for example.  however, I can’t offer much advice on that part because I don’t do this type of workflow myself.

    2. You can use the Pixnub Hot Folder plugin to monitor the folder where the files are being transferred to. It will then automatically open each image and run a custom user action. The action can be anything you want.  In your case, the action would remove the green screen.

    However, EZ Green Screen 7 WON’T record into an action. NOTHING in the plugins menu can be recorded into an action.  This isn’t a Pixnub limitation. It is a Photoshop limitation. No plugins from any developer which are in the Plugins menu can record into an action. I’ve been asking Adobe about this for 2 years now. They said it is on their “road map”.  It was suppose to be started Quarter 1 of 2022 (January, 2022).  However, Adobe has not given any update so I really don’t know the status of this.

    So you would need to record the action from the old EZ Green Screen 6, not version 7. When recording an action from EZ Green Screen 6, you would need to process it from the Filter menu. That will record into an action. Don’t record it from the Extensions menu.  Nothing from the Extensions menu is action recordable either. Again, that is a Photoshop limitation. Adobe never made the Extensions menu action recordable.  The extensions menu is on the way out now…. and they never made it action recordable during it’s entire lifespan. So whether the Plugins menu ever becomes action recordable….. anyone’s guess.

    With EZ Green Screen 7, I had no choice but to use the new Plugins menu.  The API it is created in for the Filter menu is being discontinued by Adobe.  So I had to just release version 7 without action recording with the hopes to bring it back if/when Adobe makes that possible to add.

    Here is a link to my last post in the Creative Cloud developer forum where I asked about this.  Adobe never responded. So I have no idea what their plans are.


    Anyway, Hot Folder with EZGS 6 combing with another software to get the files to the computer Hot Folder is the way you’d need to do it.