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    Nothing in the new Photoshop Plugins menu can be recoded into an action, including EZ Green Screen 7. This limitation isn’t limited to Pixnub. The same limitation applies to any program in the Plugins menu from any developer. I have been asking Adobe about this for almost 2 years and so have other developers. It is on Adobe’s “road map” to add the ability but they haven’t given an update.

    Here is a link to my latest post where I asked about this in the Creative Cloud Developer’s forum. Adobe never responded.


    I plan to add in the ability whenever Adobe makes it possible to do so.  However, I couldn’t hold off on EZ green Screen 7 any longer. The old platform that EZGS 6 uses is starting to fall apart in later Photoshop releases. Adobe has deprecated the old platform and isn’t fixing bugs it seems for the older platform and will likely be removing it in the future. So I had to pull the trigger on EZGS 7 withuot action recorded be available yet.

    I wish I knew when Adobe was going to make it possible. However, they just are not giving me any info on it.