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Alison Buscher

    Well, I’ve already deleted the prefabbed setup for the individual and the team.  At this point I’m just trying to create a new shape for it and then add some details to the outside of the shape (frame, shadowing, etc).  But I’m struggling to figure out how to create it to a specific size. I’ll need a 4×5 ratio for the top individual image and a 5×4 ratio for the team image. I’ll attach a picture of what I’m trying to do now….  But I’m stuck.

    1.  You can see the layers for individual and team on the right.  I just created a rectangle and filled in black, then did what I wanted to for the fx settings….in this case two strokes and a drop shadow.  I didn’t know how to get the shape to be a specific size, so I just unlinked them and tried to get as close to 4×5 and 5×4 ratio, then linked them and resized the whole figure to be what it is now.

    2.  Given the above scenario, I’m not sure how that corresponds to pixels when I set up the template in SPA.

    3.  I’m honestly just not sure what to do next now that I’ve got the shapes done.  And that’s assuming I did anything correct there.

    Can you lead me in what direction to go from here?