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    The issue is the green screen was brighter than the dark gray background. So the hair took on some of the screen brightness. The same thing happens with lastolite when putting into a dark background…. but much, much worse.

    If it is an option, then the easiest way to deal with it is choose a background that isn’t so dark.

    EZGS 6 has an edge hair brightness adjsutment. However, it wasn’t really batchable at all. It required dual mask. Also, every image needed a different setting because it really depended on the hair color and also the background the image was going into. So almost nobody used those adjustments anyway.

    With version 7, I didn’t want a complicated setting that nobody would use. I’m trying to work on a more batchable solution for version 7. However, it isn’t ready yet.

    There are a few manual ways that you can paint or clone the color back in with Photoshop. It is a per image thing you will have to manually do for each image.  If you want to know more how to do this then let me know and I can try to walk you through it.

    However, if it were me, I would choose a background that wasn’t so dark and make it easy on myself.