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    If you create a new text layer from scratch then that should fixed the problem.  With the new layer, try to type in the text size needed instead of scaling the text to transform it to size.  That for sure will fix it.

    Before updating the file, can you send me the affected PSD file so I have it for testing?

    There is a bug is Photoshop that has been around for several years which I have went back and forth with Adobe on.  They have “fixed” it twice before but then it comes back in a later PS version in a different form. I thought that this was not affecting SPA because it only would happen if the text was replaced twice in  a row. So it would never happen in a batch process. It would only happen if it was replaced multiple times using the test Text Replacement scree.  However, another person reported it in batch too. So there must be a certain situation that causes something in the layer to get corrupted to cause it to happen on the first replacement.

    The issue has to do with how Photoshop stores the text size.  When you transform to scale the text layer, Photoshop doesn’t actually store the new size. It stores the original text size, plus the transform size inside text object keys.  It will show the user the calculated size but always keeps the original size plus the scale percentage in it’s object keys.  It’s kind of silly, because I have no idea why it would need the scaling factor saved from  the one time scaling instead of just updating it’s key with the new size. A few years ago, there was a bug that was causing that to revert back to the original text size because it was dropping the scaling and only using the stored size which was the original size. I reported it to Adobe and they fixed it.

    Then it came back again recently, but this time it was only happening on the second text replacement, not the first. So it was not affecting SPA.  To further complicate things, Adobe is storing it on a per character basis too…. because you can set font size differently per character.   So this further complicates matters.

    I think in your case what may have happened was the text was scaled to a new size using transform and then the text was changed to a new number of characters after resizing. So this may alter how Photoshop is storing the character size sdata differently per character.  That is just a hunch an not sure.

    However, in any case, if this is happening during a batch then I need the file to look into the text objects so I have a better idea when reporting to Adobe next time I report this.

    So the bottom line……

    1.Make a new text layer and that will fix it.

    2.If you don’t use the transform to scale the new layer then you will never have the issue.

    3. If you do use the transform to scale the new text layer then it will have the issue, but typically only when replacing text multiple times so you shouldn’t see it in batch. Your issue was unique if you were seeing it in batch which is why I need the PSD for diagnosis of the layer’s internal text object keys. So send me the file before you change it 🙂


    If this is happening only in the test text replacement window on the 2nd text replacement, but not during batch then this is “normal” operation, at least for right now due to the PS bug.

    See this video.