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    Unfortunately no. That would require a special script  That is a fairly simple script to create but not sure how efficient it is time wise. The old scripting engine had a strange thing with it to where the time to scan layer was not linear. The time to scan layer names increased exponentially based on the number of layers. Once it got over 100 layer, it become very slow.  At 200-300 it was unusably slow.  With the newly released scripting engine using .PSJS script files instead of .JSX script files, it may be faster, not sure.

    Anyway, I have not created a script for this so it is something you would need to do or hire someone to do.  If you do, I highly recommend having someone do it in .PSJS, not .JSX.  Adobe is deprecating .JSX and there is no telling how long it will be supported in Photoshop.

    I can send you the name of a script developer if you want.