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    Are you running SPA 9.2.2?   There is a batch resume in version 9.  For it to work, it creates a text file in the source folder to keep track of where it is at in the batch. If you are not given the resume option when trying to restart the sam batch then my guess is SPA can’t write the text file to the source folder. So make sure that the source folder has read/write access for all users before you start the batch.

    Also, when resuming, you have to run from the exact same folder, with the exact same files in the folder, using the exact same CSV data if you are using a CSV.  If any of those things change, then when you resume it may not process some images.

    If you are processing from a network drive then that may be blocking SPA from creating the resume batch text file too.

    When the batch is stopped in version 9, you should see a file in the source folder called spaBatchProgess.txt.  The file gets deleted when the batch is finished so you will only see it while the batch is running or if the batch gets aborted. So check to see if you see that file when batching. If you don’t, then the issue for sure is your system is blocking SPA from creating the file due to a folder or drive write permission issue.



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