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    Adobe has not made the new Photoshop plugins menu action recordable yet. So nothing processed in the Plugins menu can be recorded. This is not just Pixnub, but the same limitation applies to any plugin you get that is in the new plugins menu API. I had no choice but to convert to this because it is Adobe’s system for the future and to maintain compatibility with PS, there was no other choice. So older versions of Pixnub could be recorded…. but the older versions are not compatible with CC 2022… and some don’t work right in CC 2021 either.

    I’ve been asking Adobe about action recordability for almost 2 years now. It is on their road map but they haven’t providing any date to when that will be available. Even when it is available, I would still need to update the plugins.

    The plugins menu API is new and just release in October of 2020. Adobe was not finished with everything in it yet and has been constantly updating and adding things to it. However, their timelines are not well defined for when we can expect available features. There are a few things I keep asking about but not getting direct answers. So it will be ready when it is ready I guess.

    Here is a link to my latest post. As you can see, no answer from Adobe and I’m just left to guess on it. The roadmap says work was listed to begin in Q1 of 2022…. but no updates to the road map entry have been made. So I don’t know if Adobe has actually started on the development for it or not.


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