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    This is updated in 9.2.2. It will build a failed list text file for anything that causes it to not save an image. So face detection, PSD set up wrong, ect.

    There are a couple of things it won’t add to the list.

    1. In the case of a resumed batch, the list will only consist of images that failed on the final run, not failed images before the batch was aborted and restarted.

    2. Tis is only for the Player 1 slot. If you are doing a multi image composite or memory mates and the face detection fails on the second image or team image then it still saves the file with Player 1, without the other images. So it won’t add it to the failed list. The program is set up this way because some people run more than one template per file and they may have a memory mates as one and a single player as the other. So instead of having to clear the team slot in the CSV for every other row, you can just leave the team file in the entire column in the CSV and it just knows to not add it if the team is missing in the PSD. Same thing for the player 2 slot.

    These 2 situations were too complicated for me to want to mess with because it would require a lot of code changes and these are fringe cases anyway… so not worth the time spent for me to make special cases for it.

    Anyway, it should work for what you need.


    Also, SPA is now moved to the “finished” pile. Version 9.2.2 is the last planned update to make any changes, along with all of the others.

    I do have some compatibility updates I need to make before CC 2024 is released in October of 2023. However, those updates are all things invisible to the user.

    The only plugins I have left with any planned updates are EZ Green Screen 7.1 and EZ Compositor 1.0. Everything else is in the finished pile…. whether perfect or not that is where I am keeping them because I am done making new versions 🙂