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    In order to fix your template…..

    Create 2 new text layers.  You can right click on the FX icon old layers and select “copy layer style” and the right click on the new layer and select “Paste layer style”. This is easier than rebuilding the layer style rom scratch. Then delete the old test layers.

    When sizing the text for the new layers, it is best to type in the size always and never use the scale tool to set the size. The bug in Photoshop come from using the scale tool to size the text. Photoshop reverts back to the old values which is stores somewhere hidden from the user in the layer.  However, even when using the scale tool to size the text layer, the bug should not typically affect SPA unless you are using the replace text popup window and replacing the text multiple times in a row.  In your case, these pariticular layers are acting differently than I have seen.

    So in any case, remaking new text layers will fix the template.


    I will keep that file for testing to see if I can find a work-round in SPA to deal with the issue automatically when it occurs. I probably won’t work on the for at least a few weeks though. This isn’t something I can immediately fix in the program itself….. but again, this is the first time I’ve seen layers that are affected to where it will happen in an SPA batch.

    There is a long outstanding Photoshop bug that I have worked back and forth on with Adobe for several years now.  I think your text layers have something similar going on but acts differently than I have ever seen.  This bug typically occurs when the text is sized by using the scale too instead of typing in the size. Photoshop then embeds to old text size plus a scaling factor in the layer instead of just using the size.  However, the bug typically only happens when replacing the text twice in a row with a plugin. On the second tie, some of the characters never to the old size. Therefore, it is never seen when running an SPA batch because it only resizes each layer once, not twice. This is the first file I’ve ever seen that messes the size up on the first text replacement. Also, it does it for all characters, not just some of them. So this is an interesting case and now I have a file to use for testing on this….. so thanks 🙂

    Ultimately, the true fix will need to come from Adobe, unless I find a work-around in the plugin.  For now, just remake the text layers and you will probably never see it happen again 🙂

    Here is a video I did on this bug…. or at least a similar bug.

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