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    So this issue is with Photoshop/GPU compatibility… or a driver. SPA uses the same face detcetion that Face Aware Liquify uses. So if Face aware liquify doesn’t work then neither will SPA.

    A few questions…

    1. Is the graphics card driver up to date?

    2. Did you install the drier through the GeForce Experience software?

    3. In the Photoshop preferences, under the performance section, is “Use Graphics Processor” checked on?

    4. In the Photoshop preferences, under the performance section, does it list the correct GPU? I have seen it before not recognized the GPU and instead list the Intel HD integrated graphics instead of the dedicated GPU.

    If the driver is up to date, the GPU is checked on in the preferences, and the preferences show the correct GPU and it still doesn’t work then you will need to contact Adobe. They will better be able to help figure out what the issue is.


    If you contact Adobe……

    If you want them to help then you need to make the conversation 100% Photoshop and 0% Pixnub. As soon as you mention anything about 3rd party, many of the chat support guys in India jump on that as an easy way out to close the support ticket and will tell you to just contact me. It is super irritating but just what it is.

    So tell them you need to get the Face Aware Liquify to work. Then they have to own the issue. If they get Face Aware Liquify working then SPA will work to. So you only need to focus on Face Aware Liquify when talking to them.

    It seems the RTX 3050 should work fine. So I’m guessing Adobe can fix it.