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    I’m not sure if CC 2022 will fully support the Intel HD 4600 anymore. That is a 9 year old embedded graphics chip…. not even a dedicated card.

    Does the computer have a dedicated graphics card on it? I have seen before where Photoshop was not recognizing the graphics card and reverting back to the Intel integrated graphics chip. However, if the computer doesn’t have a graphics card then Photoshop is forced to use a the embedded Intel graphics chip instead.

    Your driver may be up to date. It may just be that Intel is no longer updating that driver and 31 months is the newest there is. That doesn’t mean that Photoshop will still support it though.

    I want you t0 do a test. Open one of the player images that you can for sure see the face i. In Photoshop go to Filter>Liquify. Are the face-aware liquify adjustment available? If they are then in the Face dropdown, does it say Face 1? If you see that then try adjusting the face morphs like smile, eyes size, ect. Do you see changes happening on the screen?

    If face aware is not working the Photoshop is unable to use your GPU for face detection. In that case, non of the Pixnub plugins will work either.

    You can try resetting the Photoshop preferences. I have seen that occasional fix GPU issue. In the preferences under the general section, select Reset Preferences on Quit. The restart Photoshop and retest.

    If neither Face Aware liquify or Pixnub is working then it seems that the Intel HD 4600 is no longer fully supported. However, you may want to contact Adobe support to see if they have a way to make it work. If you contact them, tell them you need to get Face Aware Liquify to work. because if they can get that to work, Pixnub should then work too. If you tell them you are trying to make Pixnub work then the tech support chat person in India will see that as an easy way out of the ticket and just send you back to me…. and I can’t fix it.

    If it turns out that there is no fix and the GPU doesn’t work anymore in Photoshop then you may consider a new GPU…. or new computer if the computer is too old to justify a new Graphics card… or incompatible with a new graphics card. If you go the route of a new computer I highly recommend Mac M1. In all of my testing and other users testing the M1 machines are about 3 times faster than any windows machine. Even the cheap $699 base Mac Mini M1 is 2-3x faster than a $4000 gaming PS with an expensive graphics card.

    This is probably not the answer you want. However, it just is what it is. Hopefully resetting the preferences will fix it… but I have my doubts. My gut feeling is the Intel DH 4600 is past it’s Photoshop lifespan.

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