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    There is no way to get it to be automatic in Image Extract for all of these types of touchups. With EZ green Screen it is much more automatic for hair like this…. but not in Image Extract. So right now, white is just not as automatable as green when using Pixnub.

    Image Extract just uses the Photoshop Select Subject tool. So whatever Photoshop’s Select Subject does is what you get. I have no control in the program for what Select Subject does, unfortunately. It’s different than EZ Green screen. With EZ green screen, I made my own algorithm to remove by green or blue color. With white backgrounds that is impossible because every one always has some kind of white in their uniforms.

    So I really built Image Extract with the expectation that Adobe would continue to improve the Select Subject tool….. which there has only been some slow progress made. As Adobe improves the tool, Image Extract will improve and maybe one day it will be more automatable.

    So for now, you will need to touch up the hair when that happens. that is why the default batch mode is “Extract+Edit” and not a fully automated batch. I know a lot of these images require touchup. And as much as I would like to improve it, I really just can’t. I’m just hoping that Adobe improves their AI Select Subject tool in the future. Then Image Extract will automatically get better with the Photoshop updates without any updates to image Extract at all.

    The best method for touchups is to use the Select and Mask tool with the refine hair brush. See this video. I know that you want it to be walk away automation and I wish it was….. but it just is what it is when Extracting white in Photoshop right now.

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