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    It doesn’t work you you are picturing it……. I am created the class compositor with ZERO user adjustments….. so ZERO bells, ZERO whistles.

    The user selects a folder, uploads a CSV if they want and clicks a button to run. That is it. It will count how many images it need to composites and pick the correct layout from the folder of layouts in a specific set and build the design.

    The program doesn’t do any math to try to figure out arrangements. that is far too complicated since there are endless ways to layout images.  It is solely based on the PSD design.

    I am releasing it at first for a standard classroom size up to 34 students. The template set will have PSD layouts from 12-34 students…. which is 23 PSD files it chooses from.

    How it will be able to build larger or different layouts is 100% in the PSD template designing. The designer creates layouts and the plugin just shoves images into the slots for those layouts.

    For larger builds, the users that have the ability can make their own layouts for now, or wait for me to release some. This is the part that is a lot of work. So I’m not obligating myself to do this for this season beyond the basic set.

    Here is a screenshot of the current layout I’m working on.  Keep in mind that this is for 34 slots.  There will be another for 33, another for 32 ect. to tell it exactly where each image goes.  These are all in a folder and the program selects the correct layout based on the number of images.

    So if you want something for 300, then you will need to make a layout for 300. you can make one for 290, 280 ect too and it will pick the one with the least amount of empty and then you clear the empties after it builds. that will be up to you to do if you need that layout available right away.

    My plan was then to shoot for having more layouts pre made for next Spring and fall.