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    This is an issue with Photoshop itself that has been happening for yers. Photoshop is terrible about not clearing it’s memory between images.  This seems much wrose with the old scripting API too the EZGS 6 uses. There is nothing I can do about ti because the scripting engine has no control over the memory. That is solely controlled by Photoshop itself. However, the issues seems to have improved greatly with all of the other Pixnub Plugins that are on the new Plugins API. I think that handles it better. EZGS 6 is the last plugin on the old system that Adobe is discontinuing. EZ Green Screen 7 is slated to be released within a couple of days. It is on the new system. I think taht may solve the issue for you.

    So update to EZ Green Screen 7 when it is released and let me know after you have tested it.

    As far as EGZS 6 goes, I’m not troubleshooting issues with it anymore because the API it runs is being discontinued by Adobe so it is unlikely anything can be fixed in it anyway.  So EZGS 6 is more or less dead in a couple of days anyway.