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    The “zig zag” is when it is trying to find the face at different angles. The only thing this could be is GPU compatibility or a corrupted Photoshop preferences file. Have you tried resetting the Photoshop preferences? Photoshop has been having a lot of GPU issues, especially on older GPUs. The 1050 is 6 years old. My Computer with 2 GTX 1070s keeps giving me GPU out of RAM errors when I edit raw images in ACR.

    If you have it right now not working then please do this. Open one of the player images. Go into Filter>Liquify in the Photoshop menu. Under the face aware Liquify section does it show face 1 in the dropdown? If so, do the face adjustment morphs works. For example, if you increase the smile slider, do you see the changes on the face? EZ Team Builder ties into the Face Aware Liquify to get the Face Location. So if that isn’t working in Photoshop it wil cause the exact thing you are seeing.

    Let me know…