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    See the attached screenshot.  You need to make a new preset and turn on resampling. Then set it to 8×10 at 80PPI. Or you could use 4×5 at 160PPI. You just need to do the math to figure out what will yield 640×800. 8×80=640, 4×160=640, ect.

    If the jpg option is not available then you probably click the button run a batch for cutouts. JPG doesn’t support transparency so it is not an option when run a batch for cutout images. If your images don’t have transparency then click the button to run the batch for non-cutouts. Then you will have the JPG save option.

    There are other differences in the 2 batch option too. For example, the content aware fill option is also only available for non-cutouts. I made 2 buttons and enabled the options that work for each.

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