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    With modes 1-6, SPA needs to delete the existing player layer and make a new layer as part of the process. It is programmed to copy over the layer style and layer mask, but only if the template is setup with a custom player image (not the default green man layer). So make sure to use the add custom player layer to add an image. Then it will copy over the layer style.

    However the blending mode does revert back to normal as you mentioned. The way it is programmed should be copying the blending mode when copying the layer style. I think in older versions of Photoshop it use to copy over the blending mode. I don’t know why it doesn’t copy over the blending mode anymore as that is actually part of the layer style itself. I will need to see if I can figure out how to make that work automatically.

    So there are a few things you need to know how to work-around with the player layer automation with modes 1-6.

    1. The layer style and layer mask will copy over from the old player layer it deletes to the new player layer it replace if you have a custom player image saved in the template. So just make sure to add the custom player image to get rid of the green man placeholder.

    2. If the player is clipped to a shape layer below for adding transparency it then it will lose the clipping. So if you need to add transparency to the player layer, do it using a layer mask instead of clipping it to a shape. You can put the same shape inside of the layer mask. This is really a better way to handle transparency anyway instead of using clipping. The mask can be added to the player layer or the group folder. If added to the group folder then the mask stays in place if you move the player around to adjust. If the mask is on the player layer then the mask moves around if you move the player, unless you uncheck the the link between the mask and the layer in the PSD.

    3. You will lose clipping for any adjustment layers above the player layer that are clipped to the player layer. There is an easy work around for this. Just don’t use a clipping mask for the adjustment layers above the player at all. Instead, change the blending mode in SPA player group folder to Normal instead of Passthrough. Then the adjustment layers only apply to the player and not to any layers below it because those are outside of the player folder so the adjustment do “Passthrough” outside of that folder. When a group folder is set to Normal, the adjustment layer only apply to layer below it that are inside of that folder. When batching, the folder blending mode will stay at whatever you set it too. It is only the player layer itself that gets recreated, not the folder.

    4. As you found out, the player blending mode reverts back to normal. So for now the work-around is to use an action to change the blending mode as you found out. The work-around for that is to use an action as you mentioned. I will look into it to see if I can make that work in a new release. I don’t know if it is possible because there may be a bug in Photoshop preventing it… as it should work right now as is it is already programmed to do it.

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