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    I tested the files you sent me. The CSV with the correct date field will work fine. The issue is now only with your PSD file.

    I sent you a new text PSD (just a generic file) to test. Please test the PSD I sent you with the CSV you sent me. If that works then we know everything on your computer works for text replacement and the CSV works. You can then just focus on fixing your PSD file.

    There are 3 problems with the PSD.

    1. The text layers are all set to paragraph text (with the bounding box) instead of point text (without the bounding box). SPA is set up to only work with point text. That prevents text wrapping to a new line if it is longer than the bounding box. If the text layer is set to paragraph text then SPA won’t replace the text in that layer.

    It is just a 1 click process to convert the layers to point text. In SPA, under the PSD setup button (where you add the players layers), at the bottom you will see a button called “Convert Text to Point”. If you click that button the SPA will look for any of the designated SPA text layer names and convert those to point text. Any text layers that are not the designated SPA layer name will not be converted to point. In some cases, you will need to realign the text after make the conversion.

    2. Most of your text layers have 2 or 3 fonts in the same layer (see attached screen shot). The additional fonts may be in the extra spaces you have, not sure. When I open you PSD, the Text layers have the ! symbol because I don’t have the same fonts installed. When I click on the layer to see what font I need, the layers specify multiple fonts which means you have the fonts assigned on a per character basis with more than 1 font. Even if the extra fonts are just assigned tot he extra spaces on the right and you don’t see it, you still want to fix it. When the text is replaced, if there are more characters in the text being added than it will use the second and thirst fonts as soon as it gets to the place where your extra spaces has the different font.

    3. Beyond the first 2 issues, I think the PSD may have text layers with corrupted settings internal to the layers. Even after I fixed the first 2 issues, the text still would not replace. When this happens, you typically need to delete the text layers and create them again from scratch. In some rare cases, I have seen where a new PSD needs created from scratch. I would first try correcting the first 2 issues. If it still doesn’t work the try creating new text layers from scratch. make sure they are set to point text with only 1 font assigned per layer. If that doesn’t work then you may need to recreate the entire PSD.


    Screenshot for issue 2

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