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    CSV = Comma Separated Value
    TSV = Tab Separated Value

    When SPA splits the text data from a CSv file, it separates it by the commas which are the separators between the data cells. If they are extra commas in one row then the rows get split extra times and the data then won’t line up in the correct columns. The quotes put there by excel are there to tell excel to not use that comma as a separator. SPA doesn’t not use that same system and all commas are treated as data separators. So with SPA, if you have commas in the data the you must use .tsv and save it as tab delimied. The TSV fiel will sperate data by a tab space, not by commas. So commas won’t affect a tsv.

    It is no more difficult to use tsv and is will never have issues. I almost forced SPA to TSV only. However, since some programs can’t export as TSV, I chose to leave it as optional.

    It could be that there are multiple problems with the setup. If it still isn’t working then there are additional problems with the setup, either in the CSV or PSD. For sure, the comma in the CSV is an issue. However, that isn’t to say that was the only issue.

    Anyway, I have to leave for about 6-7 hours. I will follow up when I get back.

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