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    Please next time create a new topic instead of piggy backing on a post of a different unrelated topic. For tracking responses and for future reference, it makes it very confusing when different topics get shoved into posts they don’t belong.

    Anyway, this issue is because you have a color profile mis-match between the player images and the PSD template. The template is probably set to something other than sRGB. The template is perhaps perhaps Adobe RGB 1998 or Pro Photo RGB. Your cutouts likely don’t have an ICC color profile assigned. They could be sRGB. However, SPA is programmed to convert the color profile of the cutout to match the template. That typically works OK. So my guess is the cutouts had the color profile stripped and are untagged. If you open the cutouts in Adone bridge and look at the details, see if it says untagged on the profile for the cutouts. I have been seeing cutouts come back from extraction services for people and the company has been stripping out the color profile….. which is a big mistake.

    In any case, if you ensure the PSD template is sRGB and the cutouts have sRGB assigned then there will never be an issue.

    Some template designers are saving templates as Adobe RGB 1998 which I feel is a mistake. However, as long as the cutouts actually have sRGB assigned to them then SPA can convert sRGB to Adobe RGB 1998 to ensure the color match. However, since most print labs need sRGB, there is no want to know for sure the print lab will print it correctly if it is saved as Adobe RGB 1998.

    The bottom line is just use sRGB for the templates and the cutouts and you will never have issues. If you are sending out images for cutout and the sRGB color profile is being stripped =when they save then please tell them to stop doing that.

    So the bottom line is make sure everythign is