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    Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this post.

    My guess is there are some images where the AI face detection is seeing a “face” shape in the hands on the hip. I have seen that before. To test this, run the batch a second time. If it happens on the same image then that is most likely what is going on. If you send me one of the images it happens with then I can look at it and verify that is what is going on. However, there is nothing I can really do about it if that is what is happen. Adobe’s algorithm sometimes just does this. I have no control over Adobe’s face detect algorithm. I’m just using it for SPA but can’t change how it detects faces. It is almost always the hands on the body that it picks up as a face. Really not sure why.

    One other thing it could be too is the graphics card driver. Adobe’s face detect uses the GPU. I have seen in the past where different GPU pick uup faces differently. So if you can verify it is happening on specific images then it would be good if I could test one of the same images to see if I can repeat it on my computer with that image.