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    Yeah, I need to make a video for it.

    Hi Vis, White, Transparency Fill – Same as before

    Fit to canvas – If there is empty space when cropping with the preset, then it will crop in tighter as needed until there is no empty space on any of the sides. If the images were already cutout, when using this is will NOT add any extra empty space. So if there is more empty space than the original image had, it will crop in tighter until there is more more empty space on any of the sides than the original had. This mode is needed if using the DP2 data file output with Flow, Blueprint, or other labs. Theses other softwares can’t deal with cropping point off canvas so the crop must all be on-canvas.

    Content Aware – This will use Photoshop content aware tool to fill in the extra pixels on the edges. It won’t work if the images are cutout already because it doesn’t with with transparency. So the option is only available for non-cutout images.