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    You need 3 rows for every image file name. In each row, you specify all of the data that goes into that composite.

    You will also need a column called TEMPLATE FILE. In that column, you specify the psd template file name, including the extension. so for example, enter BaseballTemplate.psd if that is the template file name.

    In the SPA batch settings, you will need to check the box to get template files from CSV. This option will only be available after you click on the use CSV checkbox. After making this selection, you will need to also select the folder too from the button that appears when clicking the checkbox. Select the folder that contains the PSD template files. All templates must be in that same folder.

    In the SPA settings, you also have to select a template file too. So in the SPA settings, you will have both the folder selected and a file selected. The template file that is selected will be the default file which is used for any rows that don’t have an entry in the TEMPALTE FILE column. For any rows that have an entry, it overrides the default background choice.