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    If you make sure to do these 2 things then it will work.

    1. When creating the template, make sure to use Control+J (Windows) or Command+J (Mac) to create the duplicate smart object layers. If you copy and paste the smart object to make the duplicate layers then the smart objects are not linked to each other and it won’t work.

    2. When running SPA, make sure to check the Use Smart Objects checkbox. Without this being checked, SPA will just add the image to the same space as the PSD smart object, but not put the image into the smart object. Unchecked is the default mode because it runs faster and uses much less RAM and scratch disk. Photoshop doesn’t handle memory well when batching for smart object editing. It will ramp up the RAM throughout the batch and Start using a lot of scratch disk. So if you are doing large batches and using smart objects the I suggest having another drive set up as scratch disk and not the system drive.

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