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    OK, if there are no feet then you will have to use mode 1.

    When do alignments like this, I suggest shoot a little looser to ensure you don’t end up with empty space. If you shoot with feet then it will give you the most flexibility in post and also will ensure there is enough extra space left and right to work with.

    The alignment modes 2-6 will just adjust the image to the alignment marks. It won’t care if there were not enough pixels in the image to fit the canvas. If the image doesn’t fill the template then it will just leave it with empty space. Shooting looser and allowing the software room to align will avoid frustration of have empty space on the edges. In your images, they may work out OK. However the isn’t a lot of extra space left and right as shot so I could see some of the images ending up not filling the entire template, depending on how you align mode 1.

    Modes 7/8 will fit the image to the canvas but not realign anything. So the images will be as shot for any alignment, which isn’t what you want.

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