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    For any of the new plugins which are under the new Plugins menu in Photoshop, those will stay installed when you update Photoshop.

    For any old plugins under the Filter menu or Extensions menu in Photoshop, those need reinstalled after a Major Photoshop upgrade (CC 2021 to CC 2022 for example). For minor mid-year updates for the same PS version, the plugins will still be there. EZ Green screen is still on the older system under the Filter and Extensions menu. So it needs reinstalled after a major Photoshop upgrade. All other plugins are converted to the new system under the Plugin menu. So everything except EZ Green Screen will not be removed with a Photoshop install.

    My guess is you had old Pixnub versions installed. So just download and install the latest versions for all plugin in CC 2022. Then you will be good to go. When CC 2023 is release, only EZ green Screen would need reinstalled. Hopefully before CC 2024 is release EZ Green Screen will be under the new Plugins menu with everything else so it won’t need reinstalled anymore on a PS update.

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