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    It looks like the Photoshop Select Subject tool is timing out. There was a bug in Photoshop that the Select Subject tool was doing this. So I gave it 5 retries which seemed to fix the issue. However, it still seems to happen on your computer.

    Please try converting all of the player images to 8 bit instead of 16 bit. Then test the batch again.

    I think that 16 bit images may be timing out in Photoshop when Select Subject is ran from the plugin. The same thing was happening in Face Crop too. For Face Crop, I had to reprogram it to convert any 16 bit images into 8 bit images before it runs because there was no way to fix it for 16 bit as it is a bug in Photoshop itself. So I may need to do the same in SPA and have it convert any 16 bit player images to 8 bit.

    After testing with the players images in 8 bit then let me know if it works. If it does then I will put in on the change list for the next SPA release to have it automatically convert 16 bit images to 8 bit before running.

    By the way, there is no point in having the player images as 16 bit anyway. First, your template is 8 bit so the images automatically convert to 8 bit when they are put in the template. Second, jpg doesn’t support 16 bit anyway. So if you save the final image as jog then it gets converted to 8 bit too, even if the template and player images are both 16 bit. The only thing having the player images in 16 bit is doing is slowing down the processing, especially with Face detection and Select Subject (which I think is what is causing the timeouts in the plugins API).

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