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    Unfortunately, Image Extract doesn’t always work well with objects. Image Extract uses the Photoshop Select Subject AI selection. The Select Subject tool doesn’t select by color. It uses shape recognition. That tool hasn’t been trained very well for seeing anything except people. It is hit and miss with objects. So it struggles with sporting equipment.

    Right now, Image Extract only is very reliable for images without sporting equipment, such as school portraits. Anything with objects or equipment will often need touched up.

    Hopefully in the future Adobe will improve the Select subject tool. When that improves, Image Extract will then automatically improve. Until then, it just is what it is. I wish it was better right now, but there is really nothing that I can do to improve it. The improvements need to come in the Photoshop tool itself before Image Extract can improve.

    I have talked to Adobe about this. They said they are trying to continually improve the Select Subject tool. However, I don’t know any specifics about when the improvements might happen because they didn’t give me any specific details.